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Can anyone recommend somewhere that I can get a free website and what I can use to build it that is idiot proof?

This free one does it for me, Whiskas.


Once you're all signed up, go back and apply for a NDO+ account, which gives you a free, or domain name into the bargain.  Choose the name wisely, since you won't be able to change it afterwards.

The service is very reliable and I've used them since 1998.  The only catch is moving your free domain name somewhere else -- it'll set you back 125 smackers.

It's a subscription-free service, but you do have to pay for your time online when dialling up to your account, to make changes, or upload pages.

To write your pages, have a play with MS Frontpage Express, which you'll probably find on your system somewhere.  Otherwise, I believe it's still downloadable from Miserysoft.  I'll have a rummage for the URL.

I used Cutsite Builder Whiskas. Goto for free trial. It's definitely idiot proof and I am the proof ;D ;D

The only one I know that seems to be reliable is one from  Whiskas.
It has no banners or ads but you have to accept some spam e mail from an affiliate which is about 2 per week in my experience( I just delete them as they come in now  ;) )
I recommended them to a friend last week and it took about 3 working days to get it set up but after that its fine.
I have only used Namo Web Builder and transferred stuff by an FTP prog but I noticed it now has templates and some kind of built in software to do it all for you  :-*

I haven't got frontpage express Rodders so if you can find the url that would be great.

What do you have to pay after the free trial Lona?


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