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If you're just getting to grips with it, i'd recommend - probably the cheapest out there, and from experience of dozens of hosts out there, they do actually provide a decent budget service with a huge amount of (text based only) support, and features. Main plus points are hosting of unlimited domains, pop boxes, databases etc, not to mention access to useful tools like ffmpeg (video conversion on the fly, server side - ala youtube).

If you then need a bit more (normally faster response time), looks for a good UK based host, with a decent reseller package at a reasonable rate.

Perhaps not the cheapest for domain names, (123 reg are as good as they get + they have a very user freindly control panel)  but for UK based hosting i would recommend

When i started out a few year ago i was recommeded  them from others on our forums - 100% reliable and a nice bloke too who runs it (Richy)

Hosting from 10pa  and a service that would make some the main players cry for

Handy to know.  Cheers!  :thumb:


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