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I use which were included with my Fast24 isp account.

The prices are for 2 years and i have my sig on there as well as some other stuff  :whistle: and although i have left Fast24 about 6 months ago it's still working  ;D ;D ;D

I do keep meaning to contact them to make sure it don't stop  :o ;) ;D

Hi all,

I currently have my own site on Wanadoo free web space and I am thinking about registering my own domain name. I want to keep the website where it is for now, but want to be able to access it by just typing my new web address into the address bar.

Is this simple to do? Instructions on how to do it would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

I am not sure how to redirect to your existing page but I should think its probably quite easy for someone who knows how to do it.

One way you could do it very easily is by using a program that I have used called TrendyFlash Intro builder available from here :

Unfortunately its not free but you can get a trial version for free to see how it works, I am not sure what the limitations of the trial are.

This is an example of one I made for a friends company.

His website is actually but hed registered and got some webspace in the domain of

As you can see it opens from his domain name address and then automaticaly goes to his main website, obviously you can make the intro shorter or longer than this example or more complicated or simpler.
Also with or without audio and of course there is the "Skip Intro" option that comes up quite early if someone wants to go directly to your existing website  :)


Sometimes when you sign up for a domain name you get a free redirection service from the providers control center.

The HTML code to redirect to a certain page is as follows:

--- Code: ---<html>

--- End code ---

Just make an index.html file with the above code in it, replace with your wanadoo site name and place the file in the directory for your new domain name.

Any questions just ask - hope it works!


EDIT - Forgot to say, the 0 in the code means it waits zero seconds before redirection. If you want to put a message on the page then redirect you can  simply add html code to the body of the page and set the time before redirection to a higher number.

DJ, can Phil not simply point the new domain to the old (Wanadoo) name servers, via the user control panel?  PC Pals is with, and I'm sure that's what we did when we changed hosts.  It possibly may not work with free web space such as Wanadoo, or I may have misunderstood completely!  :|


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