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This thread is aimed at including useful links for anything linux, its going to be a bit of a mixed bag.... over time when punning this section I will merge useful links into this thread to preserve them.

Mandrake 9.2 RPMS

after that crucial mandrake program and don't want to install it manually from the source? take a look at


A cool little site i found while I was surfing the web trying to find out if you can install linux on an iPod...

Although installing Linux on your iPod isn't recommended, I have done so and nothing has gone wrong. I even screwed up the installation probly 20 times and all I had to do was restore the Apple OS by using their program.

Anyways, I think it's cool that you can install Linux on an iPod. Just wondering if anyone else has done so...?

i havent, i dont know how useful it would be though.

though I'd agree its pretty cool. I keep meaning to install linux on my xbox, i'm gonna give it a go when i get a xbox 360...doesnt matter if i screw up my xbox then

(oh i have moved this to the linux threads)

Take a look at ... lots of games!.. plus as standard linux comes with a vast amount of games! nothing like Star Wars Empire at War but some are pretty good to pass the day! :-)

Need a driver or info about a printer you are going to put on your Linux rig then take a look at:


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