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Cannot access websites

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For some reason I can no longer access certain Yahoo websites which are on my favourites list.  Most of Yahoo is readily available, but I am getting "Page not Found" on the ones I really need.

I always give in to temptation to start fiddling with things if I can't get a web page, but 99% of the time, it's just a temporary fault with the website, so I'm slowly learning to leave well alone and try again later.

Perhaps the pages have moved, Clive?  Maybe you could find them via the Yahoo menus?

I know that the websites are there as I just went up to my local library. I came back and I can't access them via the Yahoo menus either.  It's the same with both machines on my network.  Weird or what?

Clive do you want to post the URL of the site/s you are trying to access (unless theyre porn ones of course)  ;)
So we can see if we can get them ok  :-*

This long URL

or:     then the link Astronomy and Space News at the top

* Adept fixed the URL so that it doesn't break the page formatting ;)


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