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Where did you find us?

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This is particularly for newer members, but anyone can join in.  To see how well we are doing on Google, etc, and to see if we can perhaps widen our profile on the Internet, it would be interesting to establish where people are finding us.  Did you find us on a search engine?  If so, what search criteria (i.e. words or phrases) did you use?  Did you find a link to us elsewhere, on another forum, perhaps?  Were you introduced by another member of PC Pals?  However you found PC Pals, we would like to know, so please post a reply to this thread.  We hope you find PC Pals a useful, and friendly place to be, and we thank you for any contribution you make to the forum.


Clive.  :P

Sandra, the Medion forum.

Bat69's sig on ISPreview  8-)


--- Quote from: Camstop on January 07, 2007, 14:24 ---Bat69's sig on ISPreview  8-)

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Ditto.  :)


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