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Basic Linux Commands & Malicious Commands to watch out for...

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xkill Kills a running program
exit Exits the terminal
reboot Reboots the system
halt Shutsdown the computer
startx Starts xwindows from terminal
man man(command)shows help files
info info(command) shows help files
--help (command)--help shows help files
su Allow you to login as Super User

ls "Lists" the contents of the directory
pwd Displays "present working directory"
cd cd (name) change directory TO:(name)
mkdir mkdir (name) Makes new directory
rmdir rmdir (name) Removes directory
clear Clears the terminal window

date Displays current date and time
cal Displays a calander
uptime Displays time since last reboot
df Displays the disk usage on partitions
du Displays disk usage of directory

id Displays your identification to system
groups Displays groups of current user
ulimit -a Displays users limits
uname Displays name of machine logged into
who Displays "who" is logged on the system
w Similar to "who"

wall Sends message to all logged in users
top Displays cpu processes memory etc
ps Displays current running processes

Taken from the Ubuntu Forums:

--- Quote ---I'd like to take a moment of your time to discuss a recent disturbing trend the staff has been noticing on the forums, and also take this as an opportunity to raise awareness of this situation through education.

We've recently had an increase in the number of dangerous commands being posted on the forums. Don't pretend you don't know what I mean -- commands that cause massive damage or disruption to the user's computer.

I'd just like to caution those thinking of doing this that UbuntuForums has a strict zero-tolerance policy when it comes to posting dangerous commands. If you post one of them, particularly in a support thread disguised as advice, expect to be instantly and permanently BANNED, at the account, e-mail, IP, or ISP level. I do not care about intent -- if you mean it as a joke, it is not funny. If you mean it as a lesson, go teach it somewhere else. This behavior is absolutely against the Forum Guidelines and Ubuntu Code of Conduct.

I'd also like to remind users to be cautious when someone tells you to run some command or download some script as a solution to your problem. When in doubt as to the safety of the procedure, it's always a good idea to wait for more opinions, and/or have the command explained to you and verify if the explanation makes sense by consulting readily available documentation on Linux commands (such as manpages). No matter how hard we try to stay on top of all posts in realtime, we are not perfect.


The UbuntuForums Staff.
--- End quote ---

For the full and very interesting article:

Nice to see the forum admin stepping in to protect users.

and thats one hell of a quick 2000 posts Rik! :-D

You should come over to out place - I'm much faster there. ;)


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