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Can anyone explain briefly what a proxy server is?  Alternatively, is there any way I can temporarily disable the built in firewall on my Vigor 2600 router?  A friend of mine is on webcam and whilst Zone Alarm allowed webcams, my built in router doesn't.

This will save me some typing!   :)

Proxy Servers

My head hurts now Rodders.  Maybe disabling my router firewall is easier.   ;D  ;D  ;D

It's not so much a case of disabling the router Clive, its more a case of allowing the webcam to see through your router.

Which software are you using for the webcam? Once we know that, its just a matter of enabling the right ports in the firewall  :)

It's just the Yahoo webcam Adept, so I don't use any special software to view.  When I try to view it just says I'm behind a firewall so it wont work and suggests I try a proxy server.


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