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Hi All,

We have moved!!

We are now on a host provided by IDNET.

If you have any issues or spot any glitches please let me know... oh and the current address is but once we change the DNS (later in the week) this will go back to being the normal - we just rushed through the changes because the situation with our old hosts was becoming too annoying.

Astrophysicists don't hang about!   :clever:

Well done, Sam.  Thanks for your continuing efforts to look after the well-being of this forum.

The bad news is, Gill, that you're now on the same server, Samson, as IDNetters. If we get a bit noisy, just bang on the wall. ;)

I hope this new lot are a bit better  :o:

Why do we have to have their spam on our site  :dunno:

Still, least we have Rik we can take our problems out on  :leer:

Are you sure you've done the right thing Rik?  :)x ;)


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