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Possible outage tomorrow - Sat 21/06/08

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We may experience some intermittent outages tomorrow, as our hosts, IDNet, are upgrading one of the core routers from 100Mbps to 1Gbps. They expect the outages to be short as they switch each card and configure it, but the forum may be affected at various points, and anyone with IDNet as their ISP may also experience intermittent email disruptions.

It looks like this should be over now, downtime was less that 5 minutes, and as we share the same server at Netters, I'd expect the effects to be similar.

Of course, there's another hour for them to really play with our minds. ;)

And they did - second outage 10:05-10:10.

Then 10:36-10:39, 10:48-10:53, 10:59-11:02, final one (I hope) 11:08-11:10.


--- Quote from: Rik on June 21, 2008, 10:11 ---And they did - second outage 10:05-10:10.

--- End quote ---

Just as I was trying to get on earlier!   ::)


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