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After me playing around with my videos (you may have seen yesterdays post) I want to add them to my personal webpage.

I hoped to embed windows media player and let the videos play through that - but it doesn't seem to work.

Whats the easiest way to stream video through a website?


I tried to reply yesterday but couldnt get it to post,then forgot about it later sorry  ::)
Originaly I was going to ask if your available webspace alowed streaming as it can use up large amounts of bandwith and space in a very short time.
I found this earlier and it sounds like its probably not a practical thing to do :

Hope this is of some use to you DJ  :-*

Thanks Sandra,

Yeah I have force9 webspace and they say it is allowed as long as I don't exceed the 250mb bandwidth usage a day.  

The site is password protected - only family members have access to it, the videos are just short, no sound of family events etc - so hopefully won't be too much of a bandwidth problem.

Thanks for the link - I'll let you know how I get on...


Hi All

OK haven't yet been able to stream media through my force9 webspace so I've just added links to my site and family will just have to download and play on their PC.

But I was thinking of having a Media Streaming host to deal with these types of files.

I'm looking at ($5/month).

Anyone have any other suggestions??



Hi again

managed to sort this out without using Playstream

I just downloaded the recent windows media player encoder, and made the video file size a bit smaller.

The code you need to embed the videos is:

--- Code: ---<br />&lt;EMBED TYPE=&quot;application/x-mplayer2&quot; <br />SRC=&quot;videos/video1.wmv&quot; WIDTH=&quot;160&quot; HEIGHT=&quot;120&quot;<br />AUTOSTART=&quot;true&quot; SHOWCONTROLS=&quot;false&quot;&gt;<br />&lt;/EMBED&gt;<br />
--- End code ---

Thought I'd let you know in case anyone else wants to try it on their site.



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