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Please be upstanding for Rik, our new Global Moderator!

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Due to a fairly major spam attack on the forum this morning, we felt it was time to introduce a new member of staff, who can deal with such matters, and anything else arising, during times when the existing staff team are less available. 

Would you please, therefore, join me in congratulating Rik in his new role as Global Moderator.  :thumb:

Rik has many years of forum experience, and we know he will be a great addition to the team on PC Pals.

 :congrats:  Rik, and thanks for agreeing to join the PC Pals team!   :thumbs:

Welcome Rik, thanks for coming in to help us make pals the best forum out there  :)

I'll do my best, Sandra. ;D Glad to be onboard - now if someone could just point me at the ban button, I'll get started.  :devil:

Clive will get a shock when he returns!  :)x

Especially if I tell him about the stubble.  :devil:


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