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OK, there are those who eat to live and those who live to eat. Being married to a fantastic cook, I've always fallen into the latter camp, so here's a few tried and tested suppliers we've found:

Donald Russell (meat and fish):

Kit's Kitchen (pickles, chutneys and sauces):

Wessex Mill (wide range of bread flours):

Online deli:

Forman & Field (London Cure smoked salmon & deli) *


Sausages, bacon & ham:

Peat-smoked salmon, trout etc:


Real ales:


Shere Khan curry sauces

* Small reservation about customer service


Because I'm on a restricted salt diet, I've been busy doing research, and here's some salt levels, many of which are quite frightening:

This list is much updated and now further down the thread (P3).

Great list, Rik!

I can recommend Wessex Mill flours too.  A baker from Gloucester attends our local farmers market every month and sells them.  Amazingly, they're cheaper than supermarket flours and they bake better too.

We love their tomato and garlic. Gorgeous with cheese, instant pizza as a Welsh rarebit (worth trying the apple and cinnamon with cheese too).

I'm surprised you can eat cheese, Rik, given its salt content.

We found a low salt one Leskol. It tastes good, but is much reduced in salt and fat. We grate it rather than slice (Microplane medium) and that makes a little go a long way. Highly recommended, as are the graters.


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