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php advice needed

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Hi all..

Simon told me to come post here from IDnetters.

I've been coding websites in PHP for over 10yrs now but today i have come across something i need help/advice for.

I have a client that has a website that allows users to upload ads.. width/height (10px,20px to 100px). These dimensions are in a drop down.

Now comes the tricky part.. they want the ads displayed on the home page just like the million dollar home page site (

The only data i have to work with is the image and sizes.

Any ideas how i can do this?

Thanks in advance!

Hi psp83 and  :welcome:  Sam is our resident expert on PHP and will be online later tonight.  He is working in Canada at the moment so his 'evening' is a bit later than ours!   :laugh:


thats cool, i'm in no rush at the mo, i have 3 weeks to find a solution.


Hi Paul, glad you managed to fight your way in!  ;D  :welcome:

As Clive said, hopefully Sam should be able to help you with this.

hey Paul, so youve had your arm twisted too eh?  ;)


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