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All Change!!

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Like Tesco's at Christmas, just when you've got to know where stuff is, we've shifted things around a bit!   ;D

We thought that consolidating some of the lesser used Tech boards, into the more major categories, might make things a little more streamlined, and may also make it easier to decide where to post your technical questions, as the boards are now a little more generalised.  Nothing has been removed, but some boards have been merged with others, and the board descriptions have been modified to help you find your way around, with some of the boards also being retitled.

We hope you like the new layout, and we apologise to anyone who has received multiple topic reply notifications, which is an unfortunate, but unavoidable side effect of merging topics.   :blush:

You've noticed the Tesco thing too. ;)

Well, not that I've been in one for years.  ;)

 ;D Me neither.

You should!  It's so exciting.


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