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Review: Civilization V

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--- Quote ---Turn-based strategy is an underrepresented genre of video games. Perhaps it's because they aren't as flashy, or aren't as embedded in the public consciousness as the more popular types of games. Or maybe because it's so damn hard to build them right. The first Civilization  game came out 19 years ago. (Feel old? Sorry.) Despite changes in design leadership over the years, Sid Meier and the Firaxis crew realized that they had a solid foundation, and poured their efforts into refining everything that worked, and revamping everything that didn't. Civilization V reflects not just a few years of direct development after the launch of Civ 4, but also nearly two decades of continually evolving game design. Read on for the rest of my thoughts.
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nice review - will have to add my 2pence worth later, my initial thoughts on the game are a little "meh"

It's certainly different to its predecessors.  I'm not sure about it yet...

The damn game won't load most of the time!  I'm really peed off with this Steam arrangement.


I found the loading a bit slow but it always loads / I'm not sure its Steam at fault.

Are you running in directx 9 mode?

I spent quite a long time playing it yesterday! :-)

Really useful post on how to fix a few things:

I think the most important fix for me is:

--- Quote ---Problems with the Civ 5 Intro Movie: Go To:

    “My Documents\My Games\Sid Meiers Civilization 5\”

and open usersettings.ini in Notepad. About 15 lines down you will find “SkipIntroVideo = 0″. Make this value 1. This will skip the intro video and you will be directly entered to the game menu.

Read more:
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Great tip about the intro, Sam  :thumbs: .


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