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Apologies to all those who have attempted to access the forum during the past day or so but the server on which Pals is hosted was hacked and the forum trashed.  We are very grateful to Sam and Simon who have done an enormous amount of work to get us back up and running.  Thanks also to Rik and the staff at IDNet who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes during this time.   :welldone: guys! 

Just to add, the server on which PC Pals is hosted, is shared with several other sites, and the hackers effectively took all the sites on the server down. For obvious reasons, we can't go into detail about the exact nature of the hack.

The forum is now hosted on a new server, with extra levels of security, and a similar hack should not be possible in the future.  I would also like to echo Clive's thanks to Martin at IDNet who has worked over his Christmas break to get us back online.

We can tell you that the main database was not tampered with by the hackers, but for safety's sake, it was replaced by a backup taken just before the hack.  Similarly, no personal details were compromised, eg email addresses or passwords, but for peace of mind, you may wish to change your forum password.

The hack was not aimed at the forum, and did not occur through the forum. Instead, poor security on one of the other sites which shared the server with us allowed the hackers to take control.

Over the coming week or so, we shall be working to re-instate the forum fully - IDNet's backup wasn't current for the forum software, but we shall try to carry out any maintenance with minimal disruption to normal service.

Thanks for your understanding - we hope you haven't missed us too much!   :blush:

It's good to have everything up and running again.  Thank you to everyone concerned.


Thanks Guys for the work involved in getting the forum back up. I missed the forum a lot. I think its important that members are told to re-instal the forum in their favorits, as my link still does not work, and I only found you again by Googling.

 :thumbs: :thumbs:

That's curious, as I've had someone else say that too.  My favourites link worked fine without change.  :dunno:

Sorry, DG, I didn't have your email address, otherwise I would have informed you of the issue. 


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