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You will probably have noticed a different look to PC Pals.  This is due to the forum software being upgraded to the latest version, SMF 2.0.

We also thought we'd take the opportunity to give the forum a lick of paint, which we hope you will like.

Whilst we believe everything to be ship shape, and running as it should, please let us know if you find any errors or anomalies while you are browsing the forums, and we will do out best to rectify them.

The forum works in much the same way as before, but if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

My thanks to Sam for his expertise in getting the new board up and running with minimum downtime.

We hope you enjoy the new PC Pals!  :thumb:

Further to the above, you may need to refresh the PC Pals cookie, if stored in your browser, should you experience logging in problems, and you may wish to reconfigure your Profile, as there are some additional features, such as the WYSIWYG editor.

Wow a big change
i thought I was in the wrong place at first :laugh:

Hopefully it will still have that same unique pcpals feel.  :crazy:

Phew!  I've only just been able to log in (both here and next door), after clearing my cache.  This is likely to come as a relief to Simon especially, as he's been receiving enquiring texts from some weirdo with a number he didn't recognise.   ;)


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