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One of the new features of the upgraded forum software is the WYSIWYG editor, which has been a little problematic for some users.  There have been issues with line spacing, formatting and Hyperlink functions, and we, the staff team, are also still trying to get used to the new feature, so we've been trying to 'fine tune' is for you, to it's best overall functionality.

It now seems that most of the time, for most users, most things function as they should, but you may like to know that there is a simple way to switch off the WYSIWYG function, on a 'per post' basis, by clicking the WYSIWYG toggle button (far right), if a post you are trying to make becomes 'problematic'.  This will revert the posting text box to the 'old' type, but functions such as the URL popup will not work, meaning that links will have to be entered manually.  The WYSIWYG function will be automatically switched back on for your next post.

Similarly, if you wish to have the WYSIWYG editor switched OFF for you, by default, and toggle it to switch ON, when required, such as for Hyperlink popup box function, you can do this in your Profile, by going to Look and Layout, and unticking the 'Show WYSIWYG editor on post page by default' option.

On the subject of posting links, these work slightly differently to before, in that to post a LINK type link, using the WYSIWYG editor, you first have to type the link title, say, PC Pals, then highlight it, and click the Hyperlink button, where pasting in your link, and clicking OK, will produce a LINK type link, rather than the full URL.

We apologise if some of these changes are confusing.  We are still learning the new forum software ourselves, which, itself, is still evolving, so I am sure that things will smooth out in time.

Please feel free to ask any questions, and we will try to help.  :)

It's still infuriatingly glitchy for me.  As a result I could properly reply to KRO's post for more than 10 minutes, then had to settle for a kludge.  Maybe it just doesn't like more than one link per post.

I've also just replied to KRO's post, with several links.  What browser are you using, Rod?  It's a learning curve, to be sure, but I think it's just a matter of getting used to the new method of posting links.  I don't know why they couldn't have used the 'double' popup method, of Link then Title, as before, but hopefully, it will improve with forum upgrades.

Also, when Sam has the time, the 'Link then Title' method may be something he could implement.

I'm using FFS v5.0.  It's like Firefox, only with more harsh language.

Most things seem to work better on FF than other browsers.   :dunno:


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