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I haven't been able to access this forum for the last couple of days.  No browser on either of my computers could connect.  Has anyone else experienced these difficulties?

Yes.  Could you not see the forum at all, Gill?  We think it might have been a server firewall issue, but some of us weren't affected.  Did you, by any chance, have any failed logins?

There was a .htaccess issue remaining from the previous development version that got included in a template file by accident. This would cause users to be asked for a username/password - this was of course to our development site and not the login here. By trying to login to this repeatedly it cause Apache to think you were unauthorised and so it banned your IP address. This was my fault for not noticing this faster. This has now, I believe been resolved in your case Gill.

Thanks for the explanation :) .

I was the first to get kicked out Gill.  But I think Simon and Sam did it deliberately.   :laugh:


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