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In order to comply with various EU regulations, we have implemented an additional function on the forum which displays our forum rules, a privacy policy and statement regarding cookies. These can all be accessed from the new 'Forum Policies' tab on the forum main navigation bar.

We suggest that you read through these, as the privacy and cookie policies are new, and the rules have been updated.  These policies are all subject to change. It remains to be seen if our cookie policy will fulfil the requirements being laid down by the EU that come into effect next year.

Oh please...   Politically Correct Pals?    >:(

Nothing will change, Rod.  ;)

I've just checked to make sure it isn't 1 April.  It isn't.

I just haven't got a spare half a million to pay the fine if we don't comply with the upcoming EU regulations.  Regular members don't need to worry about a thing.  :)


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