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IDNet planned maintenance tomorrow - 29/10/2011

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IDNet will be performing some core network maintenance tomorrow. This is to install some new equipment to add further resilience into the network. No disruption to service is planned but, as with any work of this nature, service is 'At Risk'.

This work may result in some brief downtime for the forum, and for IDNet mail.  IDNet hope to keep any disruptions to a minimum and we will be in close contact with them throughout the day.

We are counting on it all going well Rik.  It's forecast to be a very wet day tomorrow. ;D


--- Quote from: Clive on October 28, 2011, 17:13 ---It's forecast to be a very wet day tomorrow. ;D

--- End quote ---

A Welshman is warning us against wet weather.  Are you listening, Noah?


At least it's supposed to be warm wet weather!   ;D



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