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Power surge fried my motherboard!


A recent power cut & the subsequent surge has fried my motherboard Asus M2N SLI Deluxe, as it is not a current spec if I upgrade it will MS let me use my present XP Media Center Edition OS. I know the PSU is O.K. a friend tested it on PSU tester. But I don't know if anything else has been fried.Maybe I will just have to bite the bullet & buy a new PC!   

I think it probably would, Jim, but you may have to call Microsoft to get them to activate the Windows licence, as the hardware will have changed.  Unless they're not bothered with XP any more.  :dunno:

Or it's an OEM version, which they can get a bit picky about. Could I suggest, Jim, that you think of investing in a power conditioning UPS to protect yourself against this happening again?


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