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Nexus 10 vs Surface RT vs iPad

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Google, Microsoft and Apple are going head-to-head over 10in tablets - but how do their devices compare?

It's been a busy week for tablets. Google unveiled a 10in Samsung-made tablet in its Nexus lineup, targeting Apple's iPad with a whopping 2,560 x 1,600 resolution at a lower price.

Microsoft kicked off its $1bn marketing campaign by releasing its own-brand 10in tablet, the Surface RT, running Windows 8.

Even Apple updated its iPad, adding a Lightning connector and faster processor to the fourth-generation of its successful tablet.

PC Pro have collected the headline specs of the top-brand tablets to see how Apple, Google and Microsoft stack up in the 10in tablet space.

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My son lent me his new iPad to play around with on Saturday but I can't get very excited about it.  They need to reduce the price by half for me to want one.  But at least I have almost completed the transition from desktop to laptop.   8-)

Well, you probably could get one for nearly half the current price, by opting for an earlier version.  I'm not really sure how much has significantly changed since iPad 2. 


Oh, really?  I don't like thing too light, as they usually feel flimsy and not well built.


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