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Channel Islands-based retailer has announced the closure of its direct retail business, after the closure of a tax loophole.

A statement from the company described the closure as a "company restructure", and blamed the move on the government’s closure of a VAT loophole that allowed retailers to sell goods worth under £15 VAT-free from the Channel Islands.

"The removal of LVCR [Low Value Consignment Relief] implemented in April 2012 has been a determining factor in this decision," the company added.

The site will continue to sell products as a "marketplace", facilitating the sale of goods to and from private individuals.

The closure comes at the cost of 147 jobs in Jersey and a further 67 in the UK mainland.

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A real shame.  They were the first company I ever ordered anything online from, and that was from an Internet cafe before I had my own computer.  It was the Highlander DVD.  I've spent thousands with them since.

I've bought stuff off them too, but not for a long time.

Oh no. Sad news.

Even sadder, it probably means Amazon will increase their prices.  :(



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