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EE 4G "too expensive" for mobile users

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Mobile customers are being scared away from 4G contracts by inflated prices and tight download caps, a survey from uSwitch has found.

The study found that 72% of consumers claim to know what 4G is, compared to only 47% of people in October 2012.

Yet, despite the greater awareness, customers are being scared away by high costs and limited data caps. Thirty eight per cent of those who said they wouldn't switch to EE's 4G network said they thought it would be beyond their budget.

EEs lowest-cost deal is currently a SIM-only, two-year contract. For 31 per month, customers receive 500MB of data coupled with unlimited call minutes and texts. EE is currently the only 4G network in the UK.

Almost 70% of respondents were concerned about hitting their data limit, realising that increased speeds would inevitably mean breaching their download cap sooner.

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I can't see me using it.   :laugh:

You'd need another new phone!  :laugh:

Not a chance!  I've invested 25 in this coral pink flipper.   ;D

:pmsl:  Whenever I look up 'flipper' on Google, I get this!


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