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Author Topic: Chorley FC's Day of Shame  (Read 3094 times)

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Chorley FC's Day of Shame
« on: May 01, 2013, 17:45 »
Published on 01/05/2013 10:58

Chorley Football Club is reeling from a day of shame last Saturday.

Assistant coach Mike Quigley was arrested following a nightclub brawl.

And a group of fans who had travelled to watch the Magpies at North Ferriby United that day were given immediate lifetime bans from Victory Park.

Quigley, 42, of Bolton, and another man, 31, were arrested for drunk and disorderly behaviour at Chorley’s Applejax nightclub, where violence spilled out into the street in the early hours. Chorley FC players and management, including Garry Flitcroft, had been allowed free entry to the club on Saturday evening.

But fighting is said to have broken out between two groups inside.

Applejax manager Peter Verhaege said: “About 45 minutes after the Chorley FC party arrived, doorstaff were summoned to deal with an incident inside the club, where it is clear there were two groups involved.

“Door staff ejected a number of people for violent conduct.

“Outside of the club, the two groups were embroiled in fighting, which police and doorstaff did well to stop.

“Police and doorstaff together apprehended some of the people involved and arrests were made.”

Mr Verhaege, who is chairman of Chorley Pubwatch, added: “ As manager of the nightclub, I am deeply offended and disgusted at the behaviour of the people involved.

“They should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves when carrying and representing the good name of Chorley.

“To have behaved in such a loutish manner is wholly unacceptable. They have not only brought shame to club they represent, but brought the good name of Applejax nightclub into disrepute.”

“I would like to see a personal and public apology for this disgusting behaviour from those involved and from Chorley Football Club.”

A Lancashire Police spokesman said: “We were made aware that some people had to be ejected from the club. We attended and two men were arrested for drunk and disorderly.

“One was aged 31 and the other aged 42, both from Bolton. They were given fixed penalty notices.”

Club director Graham Watkinson said; “Club officials will be carrying out investigations into the incident and club discipline will be carried out as deemed necessary.” He added the club would apologise to Applejax bosses.

Meanwhile, Chorley FC acted swiftly following the behaviour of a group of ‘drunken’ fans who travelled on a free coach organised by the club to thank all fans who had supported the team at away matches this season.

Chairman Ken Wright said: “We just had half a dozen people who were not really Chorley supporters – we’d not seen them before.

“They decided they would go on the free bus to North Ferriby and they didn’t really behave themselves.

“They were drunk and disorderly, if that’s the right description and made a general nuisance of themselves.

“I think some of them were known to the Chorley people on the bus but none of them were regular supporters.

“The driver didn’t want to take them back on the bus.

“They then refused to get off the bus so we had to call the police and they dispersed into the train station of North Ferriby.”

The club issued a statement on its website saying it wished to apologise to North Ferriby United, Chorley’s last but one opponents of the season. Chorley lost 1-0.

It read: “We were embarrassed and appalled by the small minority of the ‘so-called fans’ and will take the strongest possible action against those involved.

“These deplorable individuals have no place at Chorley Football Club and have brought shame on the club and the vast majority of its proper, law-abiding fans.

“Club officials have identified all the individuals involved and have imposed immediate lifetime bans at Victory Park.”


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Re: Chorley FC's Day of Shame
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Re: Chorley FC's Day of Shame
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