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Sky to let Be Broadband customers use their own routers

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Sky will allow Be Broadband customers to continue using their own routers - even though it doesn't extend that courtesy to its own customers.

Sky bought Be Broadband and O2's landline business from Telefonica earlier this year. That left many Be Broadband customers fearing that they would be forced to use Sky's own-brand router, which Sky effectively forces on its own customer base.

However, in a letter sent to Be Broadband customers, Sky explains that it's planning to support third-party router equipment. "We are also aware that some BE customers would like to keep using their own routers and certain features such as Static IP, which is why we're working hard to develop support for these important features on Sky's network," the company writes.

The letter may be an attempt to stem the tide of defections from the O2/Be customer base since the Sky takeover was announced in March. Figures released earlier this week showed the two ISPs had lost more than 40,000 customers since the end of 2012.

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I wonder how long it will be before Sky take IDNet over?    :(

I don't think they will be taking over individual ISPs.  But we don't yet know what impact it will have on the networks they use.  IDNet primarily use BT networks, and occasionally Be, but presumably they could pull out of the Be contract if they wanted to.

Wasn't Sandra using Be as her ISP?  :dunno:

I believe so.


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