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YouTube begins charging for some videos


Google has started charging for access to certain YouTube channels this week, adding another layer to its budding paid-for services.

The firm now allows some specialist channel owners to charge viewers monthly or annual fees to watch videos. Monthly fees range between 1.99 and 3.99 a month. Those who opt for a year's full subscription pay between 12.99 and 33.99, depending on the channel.

Google has partnered with 53 channels, though only 33 are available to UK viewers, including independent film network Bigstar Movies, entertainment channel ES.TV and fitness channel iAmplify Yoga.

YouTube is also promising a broader range of paid channels in the near future, though it didn't give a timeline. The initial list of partners is currently skewed towards niche creators, but that could widen out to more mainstream, established networks with the likes of Sesame Street set to roll out their offerings. The firm claimed that the subscription platform comes after its partners demanded "greater flexibility" in making money from their content.

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People won't like that.   ::)

I guess it depends on what they decide to charge for.

Apparently the youngsters watch TV on Youtube.  We may yet see the end of TV sets. 

I think it could be more like YouTube being watched on TVs, and computers disappearing!  :)


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