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How mobile operators track users for marketing


EE has come under fire today following accusations it's selling private customer data to an analytics firm.

Both EE and the marketing firm using its data, Ipsos MORI, have claimed the data is anonymised and aggregated - meaning there's no personally identifying information, and it covers groups of at least 50 people.

The Sunday Times reported that Ipsos MORI was offering this data to the Metropolitan Police, but EE and Ipsos MORI claim the data is in fact used for marketing purposes: mobile signals, web traffic data and customer profiles are used to track where people go and what they look for online while they are there, for example, with data categorised by age or gender.

While that's certainly less intrusive than sharing names and home addresses, most users are still unaware that such tracking is taking place, as the projects themselves are relatively new. Here's what each of the major mobile firms has announced so far.

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