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BT Retail splits into consumer and business arms

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BT has announced that its Retail arm will be split into two, to separately target consumers and businesses.

BT Retail is the division which sells directly to the public and to businesses. It will be split into two new companies, BT Consumer and BT Business, from September.

At the moment, BT Retail is made up of four units: Consumer, Business, Enterprises and Ireland.

The consumer side of BT Ireland and the Wi-Fi section of the Enterprise arm will be folded into the existing consumer division to create BT Consumer, and the remaining sections will become BT Business.

John Petter, who is currently the managing director of the consumer unit in BT Retail, will become the CEO of BT Consumer. Graham Sutherland, who leads the business unit in BT Retail, will takeover as CEO of BT Business.

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They will still be rubbish though.   :laugh:

Of course!  ;D


--- Quote from: Clive on July 30, 2013, 19:23 ---They will still be rubbish though.   :laugh:

--- End quote ---

So very true, they're terrible. Having the prefix British does seem to be the kite mark of poor service (e.g. telecom, gas). Not sure about British Airways as never used them.

I'm not keen on BA, especially when they send a Qantas plane for the return flight.  Qantas are a very poor airline although they do have a good safety record.


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