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iPhone shortage frustrates networks


Short supply of the latest Apple iPhone has left UK mobile networks "frustrated" and "concerned" on launch day, the BBC has learned.

Several networks said that stock of the latest premium model - the 5S - was severely limited in the UK, and would be likely to cause disappointment.

None of the networks contacted wanted to be identified over worries they could be further disadvantaged when supplies were replenished.

Apple told the BBC it did not comment on stock levels.

However, networks contacted by the BBC pointed out that supplies of the new 5C, a lower-cost phone and newcomer to Apple's range, were plentiful.

Insiders from two of the companies told the BBC they suspected Apple was trying to drive sales of the cheaper 5C model, but that their own figures suggested customers had been hesitant to place orders.

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I promise I won't be disappointed.   ;D

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