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The end of plasma?


Panasonic, the Japanese electronics company, is to stop production of plasma TV screens in 2014, according to reports.

The company will close its plasma screen factory in Amagasaki and put it up for sale next year, Nikkei business daily and Reuters have said.

Panasonic's plasma TV division made huge losses in recent years.

But a Panasonic spokesman told the BBC: "Nothing has been decided at this stage."

Other electronics companies, such as Hitachi and Pioneer, have already pulled out of the sector.

In its last financial year, Panasonic as a whole made a loss of 754bn yen (4.85bn), following a 772bn yen loss the previous year.

This is despite the fact that its plasma TVs are critically acclaimed, with the European Imaging Sound Association voting Panasonic's Viera TX-P60ZT65 European home cinema TV of the year 2013-2014.

Never had a plasma, are they image quality better than LCD ? I know they use more power and used to be more prone to screen burn.

I've had a plasma for about 7 years.  I bought it because the picture was more 'natural' than LCDs at the time, and they were generally more robust, with a glass, rather than plastic, screen.  I still like the picture on my plasma, and LCD / LEDs always seem over saturated and unnaturally bright, when compared to what I'm use to, but I think LCD / LEDs have improved in recent years, so I could probably tolerate one, with the right settings, when mine eventually gives up the ghost. 

I had an early plasma that cost me nearly 3K and used 1KW of power with the speakers turned on.   :o  It lasted 6 years after which the sound stopped working.  My sister-in-law has a new plasma which cost 400 uses just 100 watts so the've come a long way since I bought mine in 2002.  Both are 42".  My current set is an LCD but I will buy an LED next.


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