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Hello Pals,

I bought a Woxter DX 80 tablet. Android 4.2.2
It is supposed to have 8GB of internal memory, but I can't find 8GB
I assume I'm looking in the right place. Storage
I've attached two screen shots
What do you reckon?

The screen shots don't include the external SD card

Sorry, no idea!  I've never used an Android tablet.  :dunno:

It certainly looks like you only got half the storage you thought you were buying.  I'd be inclined to go back the the dealer with it and ask for an explanation.

Mind you, I've been taking android tablets for a few months now and still look completely normal.


I found out a thing or two.
The internal memory is divided into three parts, one for the OS, one for the apps and one for my use.
The memory I can't see is designated for the OS.


Ey oop,

I would have thought that the "Total space 3.96GB" would be exactly that, i.e. the total memory pool available before it's divvied up between the various bits.  Good job it doesn't include your 1GB RAM then!

Ever since I treated the girlie to a pink 7" (stop sniggering) earlier this year, I've been toying with the idea of treating myself to a decent tablet.  Trouble is, every time I feel tempted, the spec has doubled and the price halved since I last looked.  Now if only the iPad 4 range would do the same.   :-\


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