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Google Chrome - The Worst of all Browsers?

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Is anyone else using that once great browser, but now a heap of bloated crap, called Google Chrome?  I have three PCs here, a desktop and two laptops and Chrome is so poxy these days that it struggles to even load the Google search page.  As it struggles on all three computers, I was actually wondering if my internet connection was the problem, until I loaded Internet Explorer and web pages are, once again, appearing instantly.

It isn't as if any Extensions are the problem. I only use two, Adblock Plus and X-Notifier, but my main laptop dual boots with Ubuntu 12.04 which has Chromium installed as the browser.  I have Adblock plus and X-Notifier installed in Chromium, but (again) it races through web pages compared to the sluggish (to put it politely) Google Chrome.  I have also synchronised Chromium to my Google account, so all settings are identical, but it still races along, so I know it isn't a setting that's to blame for Chrome's sluggishness.

I've just installed something called Flashpeak Slimbrowser on one of the laptops.  It piggy-backs on the Internet Explorer engine, but it's fast and has all the functions that you have to use Extensions for on Chrome built in.  There is an alternative called Slimboat from the same stable, but that runs on some open source Webkit engine, probably the same one as Google Chrome, so I'm avoiding that!

Isn't it ironic that while Opera, Firefox and Google Chrome have become ever more bloated, Internet Explorer has slimmed down to the point that it is now the lightest browser of the "big four"?

Have you tried SWIron browser, Dave?  It's like a 'de-Googled' version of Chrome.

Thanks, Simon.  I'll have a look at that.  :)

WOW!!!! That's better. Goodbye Google Chrome.  :byebye:

You might also like to try out the one I use, which is Comodo Dragon. Safe as houses.   8-)


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