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Virgin revamps traffic caps after "unlimited" complaints

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Virgin Media has again been told off by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) over data caps on its "unlimited" broadband - and has again updated its traffic management policy to pacify the watchdog.

BT and Sky both complained to the ASA about marketing material promoting Virgin Media's "unlimited" services, which promises the ability to "download and browse as much as you like with no caps".

The advertisements were for Virgin's cable broadband, which is subject to a traffic management policy (TMP) that limits downloads during peak usage time. Virgin altered that policy in April after complaints from the ASA. Under the changes, any customer who exceeded the cap would see speeds cut by 30% for the first hour; if they keep exceeding the download allowance, their speed would be cut by a further 10% for another hour.

The ASA allows broadband companies to use the word "unlimited" to describe connections with caps and controls, so long as they are deemed "moderate" - but it hasn't explained what exactly that means.

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I got done by Plusnet last week for going over my 10GB allowance by 0.4 GB.  Extreeeeeemely annoying when I don't use it at all some months!

How much do they charge for an 'overdraft'?

5 for 5 Gb.  My daughter-in-law was undoubtedly responsible because she streams Thai TV.



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