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What is wrong with Canon?


I have a Canon Selphy CP780 photo printer and Canon have not issued a driver for Windows 8.1 yet. As far as I can see they have not issued one for any of the Selphy range, what are they trying to tell me?

This is a lovely little printer and works to quite a high standard but now I can only print straight from a memory card.  ::)

I don't think I've ever updated the drivers on my Brother printer.  Even my new Windows 8.1 laptop found it straight away, and it works perfectly.  :dunno:

Windows 8.1 Den.  Canon is wise enough to wait until Win 9 comes out.   :scoot:

The printer is only two years old and should be supported but is not. It's great for doing small prints and saves the ink in my Canon Pixma iP6700D.  :(

I don't know how it works - whether Canon have to issue new drivers when a new Windows version comes out, or MS have to make Windows comply.  I suspect the former is the case, so maybe it would be an idea to get on to Canon?


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