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BT charges set to rise

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I swallowed my pride and it was worth it.  ;D I used to have a business line and it was costing me a fortune every month and then I had ADSL2+ with Idnet. Now my total bill for land line with unlimited calls and Infinity 1 is less than my Business line plus calls so I'm quids in.

I gave up BT years ago! Theyve always been the dearest in the business. Im now with Talk Talk, and the service is superb. You always get slight problems from time to time, by the very nature of the technology; its a wonder it all works, and Im always amazed that I can speak to people abroad in seconds.

 Incidentally, although I havent posted in a while, Ive still been around, just had nothing to say !!


Good to hear from you, DG!  :)

Good to know you are still the right side of the turf DG.   :laugh:

Thank you both for those kind words!!



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