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BT charges set to rise

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You don't say!   ::) ;D

So far so good, I was very happy at Idnet and would not have moved if they could have matched the BT deal. Sadly I think the smaller providers will disappear over the next few years and we will have to choose between crap such as Talk Talk or main line providers such as BT.  :dunno:

I know TalkTalk get some bad press, but I have never regretted moving from BT to TalkTalk.  I currently get line rental, totally unlimited broadband (and it is TOTALLY UNLIMITED) and anytime calls to landlines for 24.84 a month by Direct Debit, but because I always take advantage of the early payment discount and pay my bill by debit card within 24 hours of receiving the notification email I actually pay 20.80.  I get a download speed of between 18Mbps and 20Mbps on ordinary copper wires (Think Broadband Speedtest) and have never once had a dropped connection.

If anybody knows of an ISP that can offer better value for money - I'm listening!  ;D

The point is that what ever works for us is great and we stick with them. It's when it goes wrong or we get priced out is when we change. At the moment I am finding BT great and my speed on Infinity 1 is fantastic (copper to house but fibre to BT box: 37.5 on a 38max).  ;D

Trouble is the very mention of the name BT causes me to vomit.   :crazy:


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