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Elephone P7000

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No you didn't read that wrong, its an Elephone, managed to get one of these beauties this week end and talk about awesome. its lightening quick and will give the big boys a run for there money. I paid just 135 for mine and its got a 5.5" screen and fast as f*** processor with MT6752 64bit CPU with 5.5-inch FULL HD Screen- 13 Megapixels Rear Camera with SONY IMX214- Support Press Touch ID (360 identify), FOTA, OTG - Equipped with 3GB RAM and 3450mAh battery- Android 5.0 (Lollipop) OS Support

Plus its duel sim ideal for when I'm on holiday plus it makes my Galaxy s5 looks slow.

Looks OK, Terry.  I guess there has to be a reason why it's cheap, though.   :-\

Made in China ..that's all Simon. but for the life of me can I fault it, only time will tell I guess. :D

I guess, being an Elephone, it'll never forget a number.  :basil:

And can make trunk calls  ;D


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