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Devolo 1200+WiFi ac powerline


I had a problem last week with my Devolo 500. Some time ago the upstairs unit stopped working a couple of times but always worked again when I turned off and back on. This time the one in the sitting room stopped working both on wifi and also the dLAN. After a bit of reading up I decided to purchase a Devolo dLAN 1200+WiFi ac from Amazon. I plugged it in and it not only worked straight away but also recognised the older 500 units. Amazingly all the older ones now work but a much higher speed but the WiFi signal is much stronger all around the house.   ;D

Are these the plugs that fit into a 3 pin power socket to boost the WiFi signal around the house?  I don't know anything about them so perhaps you can educate me Den.   :)

Yes they are Clive. They are so good but I didn't expect the dramatic improvement when I moved up to the 1200 version. I now have 100% WiFi signal all through the house and the dLAN behind the Sony Smart TV in the sitting room is so good.   :)

That's good to know - thanks Den!


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