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Amazon Emails - Beware!

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This morning, I received two very authentic looking emails from "auto-shipping*@*" to two of my IDNet accounts.  I know these were not authentic as they came with attachments (which genuine Amazon emails don't), plus, I have a different (non-IDNet) email account for my Amazon purchases.

I have received similar emails to my IDNet accounts before, mostly with attachments purporting to be invoices of some description, but they have not previously appeared to come from senders I have dealings with.  The 'Amazon' emails, however, were the same sort of format.

So, just a warning - double check your Amazon emails before opening!

You have to be so careful these days.  I get lots of phishing attempts from people pretending to be Amazon. 

I had a text message telling me that a payment was due to come out of my Paypal account but if I wanted to stop it just follow the link and log in and I could do so.  ':|

You can see how less savvy people might fall for that.   :(

Who said I did not fall for it, just off to the soup kitchen now for my tea.  :blush:


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