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New Ethernet Cabel not connecting to PC


Hey Guys

How are you !! Still here!  :laugh:

 Long time,  and here I am only coming back when I have a problem LOL :)   I wonder if you can help


my pc is hardwired into the pc and so is my sons, we had a Cat5 plugged in (to virgin super hub2) and the light was always orange so he only get 100mbs tops speed, not that that really matters but we wondered if the Cat6 would be better, however thats not the problem - the problem is the new cable just isn't recognised, there is no light at all on the router - and no internet.

We have tried...

updating the drivers
uninstalling the network adapter (which is the same as mine incidentally) and reinstalled
enabled the connection in network connections and ran trouble shooter
disabled the firewall
restarted everything several times lol
Turned on something else that I can't even remember now LOL  - googled lots of things that don't work.
Oh and set the ip address to auto.

And now plugged the old one back in which works.

Any suggestions? Or is the cable just broken?  Would a new cable required different settings?

hahahaa I wrote all this and hadn't sent it .. .and we found out it was the socket .. if he pushes it to one side it works.. so thought I'd send this anyway just to say hi! :)

HI!!!  :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Michelle :) x

After several seconds of consideration, my expert opinion is that you need a new cable.   :)x

Erm, thanks Simon -No one reads anything any more lol

So I need to get a new network card - or he does lol which is a Realtek PCIe GBE family controller - any idea from that which one I need to get ?  Or how do I get the right one?

Oh, there's me being a smart arse!   :blush:

I've no real idea on this stuff now, so I'd probably just have a look on Amazon for PCI Network Card and pick one with reasonable reviews.   :dunno:


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