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Motorola Moto G4 16GB Dual SIM-Free Smartphone - White

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There is a 2K RAM version available for 130 but delivery is quoted as up to two months.  This one has Dual SD card slots but only has 1K RAM.  The reviews of these phones are stunning but if I want one soon, I will have to make do with the 1K version.  It will be my very first Smart phone.  Why would I be unhappy with 1K?   :dunno:

I think the 2Gb would probably just be a bit faster, especially when several apps are open at once, but as you have nothing to compare it with, you won't know the difference.  If you did want the 2Gb one, it appears to be available from Argos:

I have to admit, those look super for the price.  I'm wondering what the catch is? 

The 2Gb ones are suddenly in stock at 130 again.  There is no catch apparently.  ComputerActive magazine has been recommending them for a couple of years and say they are tremendous value.  I think I might bite the bullet.   :D

Done.  Bought a case, screen cover and stylus pen for an extra 3.  Next I have to get a Tesco Sim card for it and get my existing number transferred to it. 

Don't forget to turn off data roaming when you go away, or you could be hit with a surprising bill!  I'm sure the luxury cruise liner will have WiFi.   8-)


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