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It's been a long time since this section has been used!  I own a domain name and website which is hosted on a server.  Some unscrupulous people have locked me out of the website.  If it became necessary, how could I direct the domain name to a different website? 

Have you contacted the web hosts? 

The webhost has changed the password to prevent me gaining access. 

The setup is that I own the domain name and the website but I have a webmaster who hosts the site on his friend's server.  I had to forcibly remove it from a previous webmaster/hosting site.  This is now the third time the webmaster has locked me out.   ::) 

Is the domain name host the same as the webhost?  I think you can change a webhost from within your domain name host's portal.  It might be worth having a chat with IDNet, or perhaps PM Zap next door, as this is the sort of thing he does all the time.


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