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David Bowie voted greatest entertainer of the 20th century

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David Bowie has been named the greatest entertainer of the 20th century by the UK public.

The BBC’s Icons programme asked people to vote for their favourite entertainer in a shortlist which also featured Charlie Chaplin, Billie Holiday and Marilyn Monroe – and it was Bowie who came out on top.

The BBC Two series has set out to find the last century’s most important and influential men and women in a variety of categories: Activists, Sports, Artists & Writers, Leaders, Explorers, Scientists and Entertainers.

Alan Turing came top of the Scientists category, Ernest Shackleton was the winner of the Explorers shortlist, and Nelson Mandela was named the greatest leader of the 20th century.

Votes for the other categories can still be cast, with the top vote getters from all the brackets going head-to-head in a live TV final on February 5.

For further information, visit the BBC’s Icons website.

Bowie's early music is superb - I wouldn't disagree with affording him the accolade were it not for the range of alternatives presented to the public.  No Beatles or Elvis Presley?  Come on.

BTW, the link doesn't work.

 :blush:  It does now. 

I agree with you GillE. How can the award mean anything if you leave the best entertainers out of the list. The only thing I could Bowie credit for was painting his face white.

Both Elvis and The Beatles where in a different class to him. I demand a revote.  8-)

Bowie was going for a lot longer than either The Beatles or Elvis, so maybe that had something to do with it?


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