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My sorry Asus


My Asus laptop has bitten the dust after a Windoze update last year and will no longer boot up.  It offered to re-install Windoze but gave up after just 2%.  I have no intention of throwing good money after bad as it was a cheap and nasty computer all along.  Instead I plan to take Mrs Clive's aging Dell into the local computer shop to get a new HDD installed.  The Dell is far better quality than the Asus.   ::)

You mean a new SSD.  ;)

Could you install a Linux OS on your Asus and keep it as a backup?

I suspect the HDD is knackered Gill.  I can't boot into safe mode, DOS or anything for that matter.  At least the Dell still works and all Mrs Clive has to do is delete a load of files she no longer wants.  Windows has tried to repair the Asus and re-install itself but nothing works.


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