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The guest on the Jonnie Walker show yesterday was Willie Nile, described as 'probably the best singer/songwriter you've never heard of'.  He had all sorts of anecdotes about the Ramones Lou Reed, David Bowie etc and many listeners were calling the show to say how they had happened upon his stage show almost by accident only to experience one of the best musical events of their lives.

I checked him out on YouTube and I'll be hunting out more of his music!

I have to admit I enjoyed the video.   :laugh:  He's a very amusing old geezer and the song is extremely catchy.  Not sure how many changes of costume he had in the clip but they must have cost him a fortune! 

I was expecting him to be older!

I was expecting him be better.  :facepalm:

I think he's very good.  Oh well, at least I got a better response for him than when I recommended 'Mamma Mia 2'.


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