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Cancelling a contract with Vodaphone

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I've wasted a whole evening trying to cancel a simcard only contract with Vodaphone that costs nearly 22 a month.  I managed to pass all the security checks after which the webchat person said she would transfer me to the disconnection team.  After an hour it logged me out.  I filled in a questionnaire rating them as appalling and requested a copy of the chat but that has not yet been sent to me.  Any ideas how I can escalate this?

There is new legislation now making it easier to switch mobile providers.  You should be able to request an immediate PAC code by text -- more info here.

Once you have that, you can, I believe, use it to port your existing number to a new provider.  As long as you're out of contract with Vodafone, once the switch is complete, I don't see why you can't just cancel the direct debit, stopping any future payments to them.

I just want to cancel the contract rather than change provider.  The SIM is actually for the door entry system for the building but the contract is in my name and I get reimbursed by the managing agents.  The SIM signal has become very weak in recent months and our electricians/security company have now given us a "world SIM" card that apparently picks up every available provider.  After testing it for a couple of weeks it seems to be working perfectly.  I'm not sure about just cancelling the direct debit because that could get me into trouble with the credit rating agencies. 

I've never heard of a world sim. How does that work in terms of billing if you're randomly using different providers

Simon is right about cancelling the direct debit.  I did that once with BT and I received a letter threatening recovery agencies within a few days (even though I was in the right).

I'd probably try again and properly cancel, frustrating as it may be. I've not heard good things about Vodaphone customer services (I suspect they use the BT model  :ack:).

There appears to be a PDF cancellation form here:

There is also the alternative to a PAC code, which is a STAC code, which cancels the contract without porting the number to another provider.  Text STAC to 75075.


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