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Smart TV problem

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I have 3 smart TV's around the house, a small Samsung in the kitchen, a 32inch Sony in the sitting room and a 42inch Sony Bavia in the lounge. I get 100% strong signal in each area but last night the Sony 42inch would not log onto the internet. I have tried all sorts of ways to get it back up and running and sometimes it works and then 10 mins later it stops again. It took me over an hour tonight to get it running and then went back and tried it again later and it stated no wifi available. My iPad in the same room states 100% signal with no problems. I suspect that the TV has updated and this is causing the problems, any thoughts?  :dunno:

You may have already tried these, but a few suggestions:

Reset the Network Settings in the TV.

Reboot the router.

As a last resort, factory reset the TV.  This shouldn't be any more catastrophic than having to retune it, but obviously you would need to setup the network again.

Just another random thought, but I wonder if it could be anything to do with the date?  Have you checked that the TV is showing the correct date?  I can't really see how this would affect the network settings, but stranger things, and all that.

Have you checked the Sony TV forum to see if others are experiencing the same problems?  I have a 22" Samsung that has the same symptoms and it's because Samsung have stopped updating the software.  I think this is morally wrong because they have made the TV obsolete. 

That's what Apple have been doing for years, Clive, but I agree, built-in obsolescence should be banned. 


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